Deep Frozen Veg Cutlets

Weight: 283 g / 10 Oz
Count: 4 counts

The 4 Vegetable Cutlets Deep Frozen Snack Collection. Thanks to freezing technology, frozen foods are not only healthful, but may even be more nutrient-rich than fresh products. As mentioned, produce is generally flash frozen during peak ripeness, thus locking in and withholding their nutritional content. The principle can further hold true when frozen foods are compared to fresh produce that may lose their nutritional quality during prolonged transportation and storage at grocery stores. "Eating healthy is too expensive" is a common misconception or excuse when it comes to choosing more nutritious foods over convenience products. Although choosing organic sources may be take a harder beating on the wallet, frozen foods can ambiguously be waist and budget-friendly. Preserving foods also lessens the risk of throwing both food and money away.

  • Convenient.
  • Ensured Freshness.
  • Nutrient-Rich.
  • Meal Flexibility.
  • Year-Round Enjoyment and Budget-Friendly


Brand : More Grocery/Frozen Snacks Deep

Items : 4 Vegetable Cutlets Only.

Product Code : 011433031240

Weight : 0.47 Lbs.