Narasu's Pure Instant Coffee

Size: 3.5 Oz / 100 Gm
  • 100% Natural soluble coffee
  • Can be used to make Hot & Cold Coffee
  • Premium quality coffee
  • Instant coffee
" The perfect place to enjoy life and food " Narasu's has been totally involved in the business of coffee from growing, processing, manufacturing, transporting, distributing and selling the products to the consumer. In tune with the global and domestic Market demands. Narasu's is very flexible that it provides a wide range of products that cater to the taste of every individual market and consumer. to enrich the lives of our consumer and allow them to make environment and socially conscious choice. The company is constantly upgrading its production facilities and capacities. By constantly adding new ranges to its already burgeoned portfolio, Narasu's is poised to become a major player in the global coffee market. From manually operated machines in the early days the company has graduated to high – tech machinery in its pursuit for excellence.