24 Mantra Organic Flax Seed

0.44 lb
Size: 7 Oz / 200 g
  • ★ Pesticides Free - Adulteration Free - Chemicals Free
  • ★ Certified for US, European & Indian Organic Standards
  • ★ Better Nutrition - Size Pack of 2 X 7 Ounces
  • ★ Safe Food - No Water Contamination - Stay in harmony with nature
  • ★ Reduce Health Risks with Organic Purity

★ We live in a difficult world. One, which is hazardous, unhealthy and detrimental to life in all its forms. Take for instance, the pesticide levels in our farms which in turn finds its way into the earth and from thereon into the water & food. Notwithstanding the fallacy of more pesticides-better yield. Today it is a well-known fact that the excessive use of pesticides has created resistant organisms and even harmful mutated ones. All of which means the farmer sprays more & more pesticides every year to keep the pests at bay. Organic regulations strictly prohibit the use of synthetic, toxic, persistent pesticides. If they are not avoided, they will persist in air, water, and food and in our bodies. On the less worrying side could be several undiagnosed digestive disorders, allergies and a mixed up biorhythm too. Organic also means the farmer is protected from the expenses on pesticide. Organic certification is a process that helps producers of organic food and other organic agricultural products to get their products certified. Organic certification is intended to assure quality and prevent fraud. "Certified organic" label is a product assurance for consumers worldwide.