24 Mantra Organic Sona Masuri White Rice

10.0 lb
  • Sonamasuri rice is medium-grained. Unlike its long-grained relative, it is shorter and moister. It means that after cooking, medium-grained rice tends to hold more water.
  • In comparison to the short-grained rice variety, medium-grained rice is less starchy. Starch is a type of carbohydrate more commonly found in cereals and root vegetables. Less starch makes sonamasuri rice easy to digest.
  • Sonamasuri is one of the most popular rice commonly used in Indian households. South India, especially prefers sonamasuri to its various counterparts. It is excellent when used to make south Indian food like idlis, biryani, and rice porridges
  • The unique aspect of the sonamasuri rice is that is has a very mild sweet flavour. It doesn’t overpower the taste of its accompanying dishes like sambhars or sabzis. It is lightweight, meaning it doesn’t sit heavy in the stomach.
  • Sonamasuri rice is used as a substitute for basmati rice as it also holds a unique fragrance. Basmati is also more expensive than other rice, so economically, basmati is replaced with sonamasuri.