Petha (Winter Melon) Ash gourd

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Ash Gourd is an annual Creeping Vine, which can either climb structures or be allowed to spread out on the Ground. This plant features large green leaves and thick stems covered with Coarse hairs. Golden yellow blooms appear early in the summer and female flowers give way to round or Spherical fruits. 

A young melon tastes sweet but as it Ripens, it’s fine hairs and sweetness disappears. Mature Gourds exterior color can vary from pale grey to dark Green and are coated in a distinctive White ash. Hence it gets the name Ash Gourd.

Ash gourd is one of the most popular Vegetables cultivated throughout India and extensively in the state of Kerala.

Ash Gourd is grown for its immature as well as mature fruits. These are used in cooking and Confectionery. Due to its medicinal properties, this Vegetable is also used in Ayurvedic Medicinal preparations.

This melon is mostly consumed in India and China, while Indians give more importance to this vegetable, because of its medicinal properties in the Ayurvedic Medicine System.

The Wax Gourd requires very warm weather to grow, but can be stored for many months much like Winter Squash. Ash gourds of the Indian Subcontinent have a white coating with Rough Texture.

This Vegetable has so many names; such as-Fuzzy melon, Wax Gourd, White Gourd, Winter Melon, Petha, Barhi Petha, Bathua, Chal Kumara, Safed Kola, Bhura, Bua, boodu kumbala, Konkan Dudhi, Wax Gourd, Bhura Kumhada,  Petha Kaddu (Hindi), Kohla (Marathi), Neer poosanikai (Tamil), Kumbalanga (Malayalam), Boodida Gummadikaaya (Telugu), Budekumbalakayi, Boodu gumbala (Kannada), Arkaru (Sanskrit), Ash Gourd and Winter Melon in English.

According to Ayurveda, Safed Petha Juice is a Solution of many Diseases, when you Consume it daily on Empty Stomach.

In Ayurveda, ash Gourd is widely used to treat many health issues. It cools down the system and is great for people, who have excess heat in their body. It is an Alkaline food that has a Neutralizing effect on the stomach and useful in treating digestive Ailments.


  1. You can get so many benefits by drinking one glass of Petha Juice each day in the morning without eating anything else before it. There are so many benefits of this Winter Melon Juice. It is used in Nature cure since long time. Especially for weight reduction
  2. I live here in Canada(Read my Real Story Moving to Canada) and it was hard to find this miraculous food(Vegetable) here in Canada. I was lucky that I found it in our Local Store(Sabji Mandi) Now I am drinking its Juice in the morning, because it is the best food to have according to Ayurveda. You can get rid from so many health problems by just taking one glass of Petha Juice everyday.
  3. Ash Gourd Juice flushes out waste material out of our body.
  4. When one takes it daily, it helps to reduce Weight, because it removes extra fat from the body. In Summer when there is so hot and people become Sick with heat, According to Ayurveda one should Consume food, which is light and reduce Vata and Pitta and for that Ash Gourd is one of the best food to consume.
  5. It is highly pranic food to have it daily.
  6. Really good for Stomach problems and good tonic for heart problems.
  7. It helps to purify Gallbladder
  8. It helps to cure Internal bleeding
  9. It helps to lose Extra Pounds if you drink continuously
  10. It Stabilize Brain Cells
  11. It helps to Cure Burning Wounds and Cure Diarrhea
  12. Ash Gourd helps to cure Ulcers and cure Internal Injuries. It keeps Stomach free of Ulcers and Intestinal Parasites
  13. It helps to cure Acidity
  14. Petha Juice helps in maintaining healthy Skin and hair
  15. It is very Rich in fiber and good for Constipation problems
  16. It is alkaline in Nature, So it is very useful in acid Reflux Syndrome. It is rich with fiber and 90-96% water.
  17. It is Cold in Nature and balance Pitta and Vata. Ripen Winter Melon balance Tridosha.
  18. It has special properties Medhya and Improves Intelligence
  19. Ash Gourd is Rich in Vitamin B and C, Minerals like Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Phosphorus and Fiber.
  20. Anti Histamine property of Ash Gourd helps to Relieve Cold and Cough. Consumption of ash gourd juice regularly will help to reduce common cold, cough, bronchitis, sinusitis and influenza. It is also beneficial in curing chronic asthma.
  21. Ash Gourd is very useful in Treating Urinary Tract disorders
  22. Ash Gourd is very Rich in Fiber and 96% of Water, so it is very useful in Weight Reduction
  23. Ash Gourd Juice give Relief from Thirst and Excessive Tiredness
  24. Ash Gourd Juice Improves Strength and Immunity
  25. It helps Stop Bleeding
  26. It is used to stop profuse bleeding from nose and lungs. Ash gourd acts like a blood coagulant
  27. Regular consumption of Ash Gourd juice is beneficial in reducing Symptoms related to thyroid disorders.
  28. It is so good to keep you safe from all the disorders and diseases.
  29. If you are suffering from burning urination, it is beneficial to take Petha Juice. 
  30.  For the treatment of piles, the use of petha shows positive result. It can be given in bleeding, especially in bleeding piles. It is also effective in case of anal fistula and anal fissure. Despite of eating home cooked food and doing each day Yoga and Vipassana Meditation, I was having Piles continuously for many days. Then I drank one glass of Petha Juice and from the next day my Piles was gone. This is first benefit from this Ash Gourd Juice, which I’ve seen on the Second day only.
  31. It is a huge source of Energy and gives you Power. You can Incorporate it into your daily diet; like Salad, and especially in Juice.