Bambino Vermiceli

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Vermicelli is a staple in many Indian cuisines! These noodles are the fine pieces of cooked vermicelli to mix in with other dishes! Enjoy this vermicelli mixed in with dishes like Pulau, Upma, and Kheer. Bambino is famous for producing these macaroni and vermicelli products.

You may make a delicious vegetable pulau with this Bambino Vermicelli.
You need:
- 200 g Vermicelli
- 30 g Grated Carrot
- 50 g Grated Potato
- 25 g Chopped Beans
- 25 g Chopped Onions
- (1/2) Chopped tomato
- Ginger garlic paste 1 tsp
- 4 tsp oil
- 3 pieces of green chillies (chopped)
- 2-3 pieces of Cardamom
- 4-5 pieces of cloves
- 2 pieces of small cinnamon
- _ tsp caraway seeds
- Curry leaves
- Mint leaves
- Coriander leaves
- Bay leaves 1-2 (cut into small pieces)
- Salt to taste

Instructions: boil water (for 1 cup of vermicelli, add 3 cups of water) add bambino vermicelli, 1 tsp oil, 1 tsp salt and cook for 2 min, then strain water and keep aside. Cook all vegetables in a bowl and keep aside. Heat oil in bowl, add bay leaves, cinnamon, caraway seeds, chilli, curry leaves, onion and mix well. Add cooked vegetables, ginger garlic paste, mint leaves, coriander leaves, salt and mix for 1-2 min. Add cooked vermicelli and continue cooking for 2 min with occasional mixing. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve with raita.

  • Ingredients: Hard Wheat Semolina
  • Facts: Product of India