Britannia Bourbon

0.22 lb

Thick, rich and delicious chocolate between two crunchy chocolate cookies, covered with sugar crystals - presenting the original Bourbon, from the house of Britannia.

The first and favorite Bourbon adventure in India began in 1955. Since then, Bourbon lovers across the country have been caught opening this box of chocolate, licking the cream and nibbling the melting cookie in their mouths, little by little. .

Some have witnessed eating it all, in one sitting. Some have alternated it with coffee; others combine it with a lot of gossip and stories, while some have been observed enjoying a book.

And some have been seen, under scolding, sharing their Bourbon. Whatever the occasion, anywhere, Bourbon is great company. you can take your own nano pack or a pocket pack.

The hangout pack is perfect for relaxing with friends. Bring a party pack for ... yes, a party! And the gift pack is sure to earn you some brownie points! So go ahead, give yourself a quick dose of Britannia Bourbon.