Fresh Bathua Leaves (Cheel Bhaji)

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Benefits of Bathua / Chenopodium album

1. Cures constipation:

If your diet is irregular or your diet is low in fiber or water, you may be affected by constipation. This can lead to painful ailments such as pimples or fissures. The Bathua plant contains high fiber content which helps in smoothing the bowel movements. the Bathua plant helps maintain proper fiber levels in the body. For this, take Bathua leaf juice on an empty stomach.

2. Blood purifier:

Nowadays, eating junk food or drinking less water pollutes the skin, which leads to various skin related problems like pimples, acne etc. The benefits of Bathua are notable in the case of cleansing the skin and keep you away from skin related problems.

3. Rich in Vitamin C:

Bathua plant is very helpful for your bones and teeth as it is rich in Vitamin C. The properties of vitamins also act as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Vitamin C can help repair blood vessels and repair damaged capillaries after an injury. This is why Bathua juice can take care of your daily vitamin supplement and other benefits associated with it.

4. Protects the liver:

Nowadays, most seniors suffer from liver damage due to unhygienic or excessive alcohol drinking. Bathua helps protect the liver from such factors and also protects against toxins caused by various drugs or medicines. Bathua helps reduce the enzymes in the liver that are responsible for liver damage. For this, prepare 10-15 ml of juice from the tender leaves and stems of Bathua plant, add a pinch of the juice and take it thrice a day after meals.

5. Keeps the digestive system healthy:

Keeping your digestive system healthy is essential to reduce many of the problems associated with the stomach and anus. In this case, the benefits of Jilimili can be seen. Digestive system problems can be solved by taking only 10 ml of Bathua leaf juice which acts as a remedy for stomach problems.

6. Good for Diabetes:

There is a negative link between regular intake of Bathua leaves and the onset of diabetes. The leaves of the Bathua plant help in lowering the blood sugar level and thus reduce the risk of diabetes and other complications associated with it.

However, it should be taken with a doctor’s advice before using it as medicine and consumers should follow a balanced diet and medication. Bathua leaf juice can be mixed with a small amount of lemon juice and consumed twice a day.

7. Promotes eye health:

Nowadays, children are very interested in technological tools which can lead to poor eyesight at an early age. The amount of Zinc and Iron in the Bathua plant helps in improving the eyesight, as any deficiency of low and zinc levels in the body can have adverse effects on the eyes. So if you want to keep your eyesight healthy, you can take this vegetable as a supplementary food as well as medicine.

8. Good for hair:

Chenopodium Album can play a very effective role in taking care of your hair health. The Chenopodium Album plant contains proteins, minerals and vitamins which help in strengthening the hair from the scalp, reducing hair loss and making them shiny.

9. Dental health:

The leaves of the Chenopodium Album plant can provide relief from bad breath, bleeding gums, sensitive teeth and other dental problems.

10. Good for Piles:

Since the benefits of Chenopodium Album plants are seen in keeping your digestive system healthy and controlling proper bowel movement, it helps people suffering from piles. Piles is a very painful disease that causes inflammation due to rectal discharge. To get rid of this painful and most annoying disease, you need to consume Chenopodium Album twice a day.

11. Prevents Breast Cancer:

Breast cancer is more common in older women. Breast cancer accounts for 16.2% of all cancer deaths worldwide. Studies have shown that the Chenopodium Album plant is helpful against breast cancer. There is an inverse relationship between the intake of Chenopodium Album plants and the risk of developing breast cancer. The plant prevents the development of estrogen hormones, which are responsible for cancer.

12. Reduces swelling:

Insect bites, inflammation due to injury, accumulation of fluid, etc. can cause any part of the body to swell externally. Sometimes these swellings can be very painful. Chenopodium Album plants can help treat all types of swelling, both internal and external. So you can use the leaves of the Chenopodium Album plant to reduce swelling.