Haden Mango


Haden mango has several benefits for the human body. For example, there are several antioxidants in the composition of the fruit that are responsible for eliminating free radicals from the body, such as: gallic acid, alpha-carotene, astragalin, beta-carotene, beta e-cryptoxanthin, fisetin, flavonoids, isoquercitrin , methylgallat, quercetin and Vitamin A. In addition, the fruit extracts bring together polyphenols that prevent the growth of cancer cells in the colon and breast region, without affecting healthy cells. There is also pectin, which prevents the body from prostate cancer.

The consumption of a cup of chopped Haden mango per day ensures that the person is immune during the course of the hours, precisely because the fruit is rich in antioxidants, contributing to the strengthening of the immune system, which will make the body able to defends itself from various infections, flu and colds, in addition to restricting microbe attacks and cellular damage.

Another very interesting tip among the benefits of Haden mango is that a mango juice in the summer helps to combat the heat stroke that people are subject to, especially those who spend all day in contact with the sun, on the beach, for example. The fruit provides those who ingest essential minerals and nutrients for the skin. In addition, it helps to fight anemia, as it has high levels of iron in its composition, being favorable even for pregnant women and babies in healthy formation.

Mango is also a great ally of the digestive system, including the stomach and intestine. First, it allows for greater satiety to the stomach, preventing the emergence of that untimely hunger, which can help those who are looking to lose a few pounds and get healthier. In addition, the fruit also provides better intestinal transit, eliminating abdominal pain, the feeling of bloating, discomfort and bad mood inherent in people who are constipated, for example.

This is because the high concentration of fiber inside the fruit helps to clean the intestine, leading to its proper functioning. In this case, prefer fruit to juice, as the effects will be even more potentiated, with more fiber in the solid food than in the liquid.