Laxmi Dhoop Sticks - 1 Pack

Size: 1 Pack

Laxmi Dhoop sticks are used in home every morning after morning prayers. It has a good smell and stays for a good couple of hours after it is burned. But word of warning - this is a typical Indian incense smell that we grew up smelling in Indian temples and perhaps our own homes. This could be a little of-putting to folks who are not already familiar with the smell of Dhoop in general. It smells great when it is unburned but when you burn it - the smell will be different. This Dhoop is also great because it is moist with the oil that may be used in creating these Dhoop sticks - this ensure that it burns steadily. Some other varieties of Dhoop are usually dry and sometimes will have trouble fully burning. "Dhoop" was traditionally used in India to make the surroundings pleasant and get rid of small insects.