Parwal / Pointed gourd

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Parwal or patol( Pointed gourd)

Parwal is one of the best vegetable according to ayurveda which is good for consumption in healthy as well as in diseased condition.

It is so good that it is recommended by ayurveda to use regularly by all. It can be consumed round the year but summer and rainy seasons are best time for its use.

Parwal is ancient vegetable of India as in all the major ayurvedic texts there is mention of it benefits.

This easily available, economical and quick to make vegetable is full of nutrients.

Its leaves and roots are used in preparation of many ayurvedic medicines.

Properties of parwal

It is bitter and pungent in taste. Fruit is little sweet also.
Light to digest.
Dry in nature and hot in potency. It fruit is cold in potency.
It balance kapha and pitta in body, it do not increase vata dosha.
Its fruit, roots and leaves are used

Health benefits

It control excessive hunger and thirst.
Improve taste in food.

It improves digestive fire, it is useful in gastrointestinal disorders.

It is good for skin, improves skin complexion.

It gives nourishment to body.

 It Increases strength and immunity of body.

Good for liver, improve bile production and secretion.

It removes toxins form body.

Purify blood.

Helps in weight loss.

Helps in downward movement of vayu, expel excess gas(flatus) from body, prevent bloating.

Good for eyes .

Good for hairs .

Aphrodisiac, improves sexual potency.

Helps in quick healing of wound .

Good for consumption of kids, pregnant women and lactating mothers.

It should be eaten during recovery from illness.

Its consumption is good in following conditions-

Fever and burning sensation.

cough, cold, flu and throat pain. Skin problems, worm and inflammation.
constipation, acidity, gastric ulcer and jaundice.
, Diabetes, high cholesterol and kidney disorders.