Real Taj Green Cardamom - Elaichi


This delicious spice is a luxury star of Indian cuisine, surpassing the price per weight of most other spices. Real Taj Green Cardamom boasts an intense aroma with a resinous fragrance. Green Cardamom is considered “the original” when compared to Black Cardamom. Little is needed to impart Green Cardamom’s intense flavors to any dish. Those flavors are many, including slight sweetness, floral notes, spice, and a citrus undertone. These complex tastes add a sure gourmet finish to any dish. Cardamom can be used for pates, purees, rice, soups, stews, and meat dishes or seafood! Add Cardamom to custard, ice cream, rice pudding or fruit salad to add sweeter, bright flavors – it’s that versatile!

Ingredients: Green Cardamom

Product of India

Storage Condition: Store in a cool, dry place. Keep in an airtight container once the packet is opened.