Sri Sairam Foods Curry Leaf Powder

Weight: 200 g / 7oz
Material: Home Made Andhra
  • Organic Curry Leaves, we harvest them from naturally grown curry leaf trees under suitable weather and soil condition.
  • Curry leaves powder have a characteristic flavor, to define its taste can be compared to citrus, anise, or lemongrass. Once cooked they impart a sharp bite and a nutty aroma.
  • Curry Powder, you can make fresh curry powder by blending it with other spices like turmeric, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, fennel seed, black pepper, cloves and mustard seed.
  • Processed under highly supervised environment, before being packed they go through a stringent quality control process to ensure you get the best quality product.
  • Packed in a handy, reusable pouch to retain the freshness, flavor and aroma of the product.