Swarna Whole Wheat Atta

10.0 lb
Swarna Brand Chakki Fresh Atta is made from 100% whole wheat atta, with NO maida mixed. The Swarna Chakki Fresh Atta Story: First, the world's finest, healthy wheat arrives at the mill. Next, every grain undergoes several cleaning processes in our advanced cleaning machines. Since it remains untouched by human hands, it is 100% natural and hygenic. Once the grains are 100% clean, they are sent to themodern, gentle stone-grinding mill. Gentle grinding ensures that the flour (atta) stays fresh and the vitamins and proteins present in the wheat are preserved. The stone-ground, wholemeal atta is then packed in high-quality, hygienic packs. The result is Swarna Chakki Fresh Atta. A superior quality flour that absorbs more water than you knead it. So, the rotis puff and will remain soft even hours later! Ingredients: Superior wholemeal wheat flour. Contains NO artificial additives.